in the heart of Georgia


in the heart of Georgia

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map of Georgia with Atlanta at the heartGA Congressional Districts

Atlanta Community

Flight over Atlanta picture by Hank Ohme.


",,,so, choose your battles wisely, it may not actually be worth it to return a calendar to Battlefield shopping center, or up the road from there, simply because you paid a whole $1.98 for it, but only got, 2, possible days of use for it, eventhough there were many days left in 2011, there were only 2 days left on THIS calendar, ...almost expired calendar, that had exactly 2 days left for the current year. And, it only just happened less than a month ago, and now it is March 2nd. Choose your battles wisely, Some dragons are just NOT worth slaying, especially if you have to pay shipping to get it back to the store in a timely manner 'cause it is all-the-way-down LaVista, but take a right just before P'tree, cause they changed locations AGAIN, and for a little bit more you probably could have just delivered it to yourself in person, but it really, really, really would not have been worth the extra $1, shipping, to have had it delivered to yourself, by yourself, while you were there anyway... just looking around with your son, and your grandson, one fine day, THIS FEB. Come to think of it, the shipping wasn't even $1.00, I delivered it in person, to myself, for free, but even, at that, it Just wasn' worth WHAT I time I will definitely HAVE it drop SHIPPED to the EASTER bunny by the GIRL SCOUTS, 'cause for less than, way less than, a dollar a cookie, you can have TREFOILS for EASTER EUCHARISTS, enough for every one to each have there very own one, enough to Bless and Send Home to the SICK, and probably enough left over, to give to those poor old tyme 'PISCOPALS, who we split off from, so many years ago...I forgot what that was all about now, anyway, but I'm sure it was important, 'cause it just doesn't make good sense to sooooo many EPISCOPALS in GA, but NOT enough in Tucker to shake the proverbial stick, anyway, SALLY, choose your DRAGONS wisely..." PEG PH:mwh with Apologies to the author of "Oh, yee, Jigs and Julips; Kudos to Dr. Sally West; and, always, to eunice HART, for Unity, Coherence, and EMPHASIS, and the entire THESIS, which although it was somewhat dated at this writing, was still a HALLMARK in its time.


but, that is what almost all teachers, almost all over this nation, do for each of out kids everyday..., and thanks to the volunteers and Sustaining Memberships for the NorthWest Georgia Girl Scouts' Council right here in GEORGIA,..and to Paul Harvey and all the people everwhere, who always took a few minutes out to hear, "the rest of the story", may we all, simply every morning, whenever that morning first starts for you, turn to the East, or to MECCA, or to JERUESALEM, or to TEMPLE, MOSQUE, CHURCH, or pew(PUGH, or peeU); WHATEVER, or WHEREEVER, you hold near and DEAR TO YOUR HEART, and just turn to what you hold dear, or pictures of what you hold dear(like your grandchildren's or your great-grandchildren's-es', and, thank YOUR GOD, that there is STILL a ROBIN WMS> "GOOD MORNING. VIETNAM", or a "NEIL BORST">WSBTalkRadio, or ...LIKE THAT, .Jennifer VALDEZ, someone who is READY in the AM, with the info you need to start YOUR DAY, like, "good day, atlanta",..., LET'S ALL TAKE AT LEAST ONE minute each day, and thank our lucky stars, that, as sure as it is, that when God is in his Heaven, all is right with the world, then let us, all, here in the U.S., and anywhere we have troops around the WORLD, may we take this single moment in time, or prepare for a single moment in time, when each of us, silent if you have to be, Loud if you can't hold it all in, then, each in his own way, (as PAUL HARVEY), used to say, and if only "Just for Today", as JIMMY STEWART used to say, (N.B. And HARVEY really could be seen!), let us salute, to shield your eyes from the SUN, or to the MOON, or your ears from sonic BOOM, or to the MAN in the MOON, men and women whom gave us the BLUE ANGELS, or however you choose to keep the GLARE(From CHARLIE)*he says it is simply, a "sheen",...let us bow our heads, or lift up our eyes to the sunlight as it streams in, or go drearely to work with half-closed eyes because you once again tried to stay up long enough to see ALL of CRAIG FERGUSON, without falling asleep in the middle of it and just having to catch the "what have we learned.FROM THE SHOW TONIGHT, CRAIG?"(review, and wrap-up, and evaluation section), did I really miss CHARLIE SHEEN on FERGUSON, TONIGHT?, and can somebody please send me a tape, a VCR, or DVD, or replay it on another night when I know its going to be a RERUN, so I can actually see it as if it were done LIVE, right there in the studio, as it probably was, LAST NIGHT....

so, anyway, Please give thanks for your blessings, as I do for mine, and to whatever, whomever or she-wolfe for ever, gives rise to your pleasures, your good, what you value in your life, but as my son CHRISTOPHER, says, "IT'S ALL GOOD MOM!" (or should that ACTUALLY BE, "IT'S ALL GOOD, MON(pronounced like MAN, here in the south, only while your trying to stifle a yawn, and probably with an umlaut or caret, or something, so it sounds like your from the Carribbean somewhere and just trying "KISS" and "STAY ABOVE THE RUCKUS", as EVERTON BLAIR, or anyone, REALLY FROM THE ISLANDS, would say, swiftly and sucinctly, anyway, HE didn't EVEN, EVERETON, ie, have to be around to be a GOOD any rate, enough said, NOW, do a fade using the DOXOLOGY for at least this part, or ask little RONNIE HOWARD, he's almost allways better than anyone else at directing, and should surely be getting a life achievement award by now, or, are the rumors of his death, PREMATURE AT THIS POINt?, ... MARK, my WORD... get on the MICROSOFT bandwagon, or get off, but for goodness sakes chillun, don't get between , a professional, trying to do their craft, and please, don't forget to call your MAM and tell her goodnight when you have a chance, or "GOOD MORNING!" with a SMILE so I can see your beautiful face smiling in the phone when I hear from you....INCIDENTALLY, if you play golf, I don't PLAY GOLF, but did just try it once in my life, while in college(i don't even think i knew how to keep score, myself, so I just tried to keep score myself by keeping a little card in my pocket and marking it down my self, but eventually, i would inevitabaly forget to mark a shot, or a "hit point", or whatever you call it when you just tap the little ball a little bit with the iron thingie to get it over the sand thingy, that may be in the way, in the middle, between you and the little hole for the ball...but eventually I would have to look around and make sure nobody was watching and mark down a few marks that I know I made, eventhough, I forget how it happened exactly, but, I just wanted to be sure nobody caught me cheating, when I was just playing BY MYSELF, FOR MY Own self-AGGRANDISEMENT, AND i REALLY didnt WANT ANYbodY ELSE TO JOIN ME, I JUST WANTED TO SEE EXACTLY HOWMUCH LITTLE TAPS ON THE BALL IT TOOK TO SCORE, ONE HOLE, OR, "A hole IN 1", OR WHATIEVER THAT IS, OR, WELL, I DIDN'T DO TOO BAD, THAT DAY, BACK IN COLLEGE, AND i DID FIND SOME FRESH ASPARAGUS THAT SOMEBODY MUST HAVE PLANTED AND WAS THRILLED TO HAVE A FRESH ASPARAGUS STALK TO chomp ON ON THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING TO START OVER ANYWAY, 'CAUSE MY COLLEGE at that time, HAD the nine little holies in the ground, so that i couldn't, PLAY VERY GOOD AT THAT TIME, on the average, it took about nine balls, PER HOLE, NOT BAD FOR A BEGINNER, BUT i STILL cANT BELIEVE i MISSED ONE OF THE little hole-lies ALTOGETHER, AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT IT SEEMED LIKE WHEN ONE OF MY FIRST BALLS SEEMED TO JUST SAIL PAST ONE OF THE BALLS IN THE BACK OF THE COURSE AND SAILED CLEAR THROUGH TO THE LAST HOLE, WHICH ACTUALLY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE FIRST FROM THE BEGINNING, AT ANY RATE, NOW, so long ago, it is hard to remember, but I think it was pretty, good, 10 per hole for a count of nine holes altogether and you can just disregard that first hole all together, be cause i was so turned around, trying to keep score in the pocket of my skirt(of all things that they made us wear back then when we were even just out on the course for a stroll or a walk or just a walk-a-bout, ), well, anyway, 90.., i think it was about 90.. give or take one or two points for good measure, anyway, I was just playing for fun, and, of course, I didn't have any true talent, in the sport, but it was just kind of like pool, billiards really, or whatever you wanted to play, that I also took in college, at a real, BRUNSWICK LANES establishment, and not just like the for free pool table that was set up down in the basement of the student union, when I first got there,..., so anyway, dont let the sun catch you crying, and be sure to smile when you brush your pretty smile first thing in the am, and be careful, to get anything out that is in-between-your-teeth, don't forget to lift your face to the sun, or the light above your bathroom sink, or the mirror, above your bed, if you are just a baby and can't even focus that good yet, but have some teeth, at least just a few, or it you are old, and have lost most of your teeth, or some anyway, lift up that beautiful face of yours to the sun up in the sky, and smile, cause you made it to a NEW DAY, a BEAUTIFUL BRAND NEW DAY, with a BEAUTIFUL MIND, and SPIRIT, then, well, at least maybe we can get CRAIG to tape this for us, or send us a pre-release of all these programs you persist in producing LIVE, CALIFORNIA TIME, or maybe just a little CD once-a -month for those of us who usually watch on the local cbs affiliate, and don't even have the house. Now, don't even get me started on HOUSE, Peter Laurie is on TUESDAYS ONLY, too... in the PM, not The AM like FERGUSON is, in the early AM here but in the FM or the PM or whatever it is CALIFORNIA TIME...those CALIFORNIANS, are just lazy, (Craig, please send me a tape, or, i.e., have someone cut me a DVD, or, at least else, on a 1st of the month club basis, give me the option, and maybe others would be interested in this too, (i don't know for sure) and let me know how much I have to pay to get my own copy, each and every month, delivered to me at my mailbox, or else, maybe we could just download it from NETFLIX, right away, so we can see it before the end-of-the-season, when maybe then you could make a DVD of all the shows from the 1st-of-the-month, what's the plan STAN? drop your PANTS, MAN, and maybe the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, ought to go to MARTIN, instead of CHARLIE, and, after all,CHARLES, was at least half his responsibility, or a little less than at least half, anyway,, craig, please send me a DVD, or get it on NETFLIX and give us an email to Thanks, thanks craig, and thanks CBS, remember, CBSCARES...I know NBC Cares too, after all, look at the life work of tele-journalist, Tom BROKAW, and the fine work that Brian Williams is doing even though he is mostly at the desk in NEW YORK, and not galavanting all over the world like Jennings did, and should have staid at the desk, he is the, or was, the ANCHOR, and that's what they are there for, the ANCHOR is supposed to keep the boat nailed to the seabed, as it were, for, at least, the entire time, that that man or that woman is the ANCHOR, enough about dishes, and skirts, we've got plenty of women-in-uniform to worry about, without someone not-in-uniform wanting to go along cloaked by a unit or a battalion or whatever...the nurses are already doing and have already done both here in the civil war, on hallowed ground, and "over there, OVER THERE", the troops are coming; in foreigh wars across the pond, and now in the state that was not already a part of the lower 48, but which, at least, will have become one by the times our current president, may have been borm, but, certainly was not yet a state by the time the 2nd-war-to-end-all-wars opened the VJ memorial day, ... enough already about The Greatest Generation, we still have to attend Vietnam=people-in-uniform, don't forget the Korean Conflict, and for Heaven's Sake, don't blame that one on just the north and the south, but also for Eisenhower? was it who also wanted to be Peace-Keeper for the World, and then was it IRAN Contras, the AATOLA, and maybe even TAILHOOK, and their was the RAINBOW COALITION, both before the 1000 man march on washington and after the million-man-and/or women-MARCH from the late-day-environs-all-over-this-nation, and Heaven Forbid the JOHNNIE-COME-LATELY New RAILBOW_COALITION that was just hastily put to gether to jump on the bandwagon becasuse a simply allmost 100% FATAL VIRUS had been released on a small sample population in only San Francisco, and now it is STILL gaining force, and Still, infecting our young people, and still wiping out even the innocent newborm of still-on-welfare young good-for-nothings who want to get a job if you give them one unless you put a bonus in there for pulling overtime that they didn't even work, and won't take a management job because it-s too much to manage people all day when you are still having trouble just managing yourself and your own illness, or your own wardrobe, both yours and what you've shoplifted from the store when you were actually put to work to pay for the clothes you did actually Take, and Try On, and Wear! while you were still in the line and yet, alas, you did actually remove the price tag, and hide it in the wrong section of the store so later, when someone came back to get the huge piece of clothing they had hidden so it would be less when they went on saie, or the tiny piece of trash you want to put in your ears when you go OUT-to work as a whore, YOU violated your CONTRACT with America, and YOU should have been LOCKED up in the first place, but certainly in the second place, but FINALLY, you screw up one more time and its off the the SALT MINES OF COLORADO for you, or whereever they can ship you, just as far away from the SOAP FIELDS of DeKalb County, as they can get you, and, at least, I hope I never see you again. worked! Who was the IDIOT that let that VIRUS out-of-the-lab? Can't we just do one, thing, set one goal, decide one MILESTONE, to make our lives or the lives of our children better for our grandchildren, and our children's children's children, or as Hillary says, "It Takes a Village", and Oprah says, "I have a Village", but MOM says, remember, Peg, it all just begins with Me.(and she means me, it all has to be just one person, or two people like Bill and Melinda, or three people like the Holy Trinity of Camelot, that was the King, the Kings Knight, Lancelot, and the Queen, First Lady, chill, mon...dont worry, be happy, it's time to see the Lion King again. Don't worry, be happy. We are all in God's hands, and things will always work out to the good for those who love the lorde and are willing to do his bidding. It is up to each of us to just do the best we can with what we have where we are for today, and just for today, try do do something nice for someone else too, even if they can't return the favor right now, this GOLDEN SECOND...a blip on the radar screen in the endless expanse of this universe's fourth dimensiton, TIME. How did he ever find the one plane, the ENOLA GRAY, how did one man ever do so much with one life, and soon, before you know it it will be PEARL HARBOUR DAY again, and not one ounce of this writing will ever bring back our loved ones, our dearly departed, once they cross that threshhold of HEAVEN'S GATE, and join ST. PETER, or Mr. Peter, or Uncle Peter, or even peter rabbit, once they eat rarebit, or taste the last Easter egg, from last season, when they still used fresh whole eggs to hardboil....nothing will leave a bad taste in my mother's life, life is worth living, if not for you then for someone else, who loves you more dearly than God's on green Earth. who loves you more that the legs from which she gave you life. Do not, do not, under any condition, give up on yourself or your life, do not think that you can't Dream the Dream, and Live the Dream, in living Color if you want to but surely in the privacy of your own HOME, You should be able to go to within the inner most closet in your house or apartment, or room if that is all you've got, and read, the book of your choosing, in the light, preferably, good light if you can get it, and certainly not in the dark unless you know braille, or know someone who knows Braille and will hold your hand until, such time as your voracious thirst for knowledge is turned on.,,surely, Shirley, and Shirley Franklin, almost always, and, at least to my little knowlege of her, said just call me SHIRLEY...surely, shirley, take some time to relax each day, and just READ A BOOK, ENJOY A HOBBY, or talk to FRIENDS OR FAMILY on the PHONE, the old quiet phone, like every home had in the time of Maw Belle...QED, P and, P.S.try to plan a little time in the Fall, like Labour DAY weekend, to gather with a few of your friends and neighbors, a lot of your probably son's friends and their families, or some GEEKS from the local institutions of higher learning, go ahead, preregister now for Dragon Con, you know you want to, or at least, you want to remember to see the parada starting around 10 am on Saturday and going to infinity and beyond and back again with creatures, and characters, and science fiction look alikes, the kids will love it..., the grandkids will love you for standing for two hours just so they can see their real life heroes in living colors and "genuine, pretend, real 3-D", the rest of the Con is pretty much good for all ages according to their ages, interest level, and history or education in their particular area of interest, and its good for AtlantA, its good for the local economy, but what is not good is all the people, who sneak in and don't pay their fair share, for the prividlege of attending a session, a day or night pass, or the whole Con, what's free is free, but for goodness sake, if you are going to be part of the con, and can't afford to pay your own way, you can at least, volunteer and get matched, time to explore the Con to your fullest delight. What's free is free,...the parada is free and all the public is invited, anyone who is in still HOT, in Atlanta, on Labor Day weekend, can attend the parade with children or grandchildren, friend or foe, and enjoy it all for 2 hours of fun-for-everyone, and anyway, GAMERS, are one of the most PURE SPIRITED, in it for the pleasure of a good time with themselves and their good friends, but today, I have finally taken up the MY SWORD, the queen's Knight's Bishop's sword and stated emphatically, once and for all that the things, that go on at the Con, are good, all good. DRAGONCON, worth its weight in DUBLOONS, from the OLD COUNTRY, or from HARRY's Mother's and Daddy's vault on the other side of Grafton street, down and to the left, just move the fake bricks one way untill you can see your way in clearly...or maybe read C>S>LEWIS's the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.. uuupps,, gotta go.

DRAGONCON, picks its battles, sometimes someone else will slay one for you!

Hmmph, I've never been a DragonSlayer before.

It's all good.


"My advice to Barak---Do What is right, not what is politically expedient. Go back and listen to your own campaign promises, don't make yourself into being a liar. Listen to the Constitution, not the Congress, you swore to uphold it." this may be a quote from a wellknown talkRadio host, but I think I thought it myself.

"We have met the enemy and he is us." Walt Kelly

According to Craig Ferguson there is still great hope for America because only here, at a major league baseball game, can you see someone passing money down the row to the hot dog vendor and then have the vendor pass the hot dog back to the person who sent the money. No one takes the money or the hot dog!

Paul Harvey used to say, at noon every week day,  "Each in his own words, each in his own way, for a world united in peace, let us bow our heads and pray."  

"First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others." -- Thomas Kemp              contributed by Jeanne 

When asked at the Tucker meeting tonight what we want to preserve in downtown Tucker, Peg said, "The sun in the morning and the stars at night...keep the 'no-smut district' in 'downtown Tucker'..."  8/23/05  

about a destination in Atlanta--"you can't get there from have to go somewhere else first!"  TTB  circa. 1970

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