in the heart of Georgia


in the heart of Georgia

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Subject: Atlanta trip

> My family and I are traveling to ATL on August 11-16 and I would like to know
> the best seafood resturants are located and the direction to the Lady and
> Sons resturant in Savannah Georgia and the best places to take kids aging 3-12
> year old.  And I want to know a place where my husband and I can go to see the
> sun set and rise a little romantic place just the two of us.

For directions to the restaurant see
For a place to go with a 3-12 year old see
Best seafood
Atlanta Fish Market Restaurant, (404) 262-3165, 265 Pharr Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305
As far as a romantic place to see the sun rise and set in Atlanta I would suggest the top of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Have a good trip.  Peg

CLIMATE: So, weather wise; what's the best time of year to visit Atlanta ??

Hans in Phoenix AZ

Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter in that order. Fall and Spring because the temperature is right some of the time to go without heater or air conditioner.

  • Fall first because their is just a nip in the air with the relief of cooler temperatures after the hot summer--also, World Series time, college and high school football, and colorful leaves.
  • Spring next because the days become milder and the flowers and trees bloom. Atlanta looks like one continuous garden. However, if you are an allergy sufferer you will want to skip this the pollen season.
  • Summer with all the outdoor activities and lazy out-of-school days--swimming pools and long afternoon Braves games. Cookouts, Stone Mountain laser show, and Six Flags are all at their peak.
  • And Winter because it usually does not get bitter cold and there is football and basketball for sports. The three or four weeks before Christmas are particularly pretty if you like to drive around at night and look at light displays.

And, then, of course, it depends on where you are coming from. If you are use to a dry climate you will be more oppressed in the summer by the heat that we have. We rarely have snow in the winter but when we do it immobilizes the entire area with people staying home from school and work.


Subject:  Mother and Child Groups

I live in the Lawrenceville area and would like to join a mother and child
group.  I know there is one called Mothers and More, but I work part time and
as I understand it their group is for non-working mothers only.  Please help.

Arrange to take off for the meetings or organize your own group for working mothers.


The school we are searching for is where you take a test to receive your
diploma I think the name is Georgia Christian Corresponding School or Academy
There is a website for the GED which is the high school diploma testing program.  It lists testing centers by location.

Subject: PorscheTech
> Do you have any information on a college "PorscheTech"? I
> heard there is a college there or something? if not then
> could you send me a list of all the colleges in Atlanta,
> Georgia? thank you very much
> ~ashley~
Never heard of PorscheTech but at the prices "local college name here" charges it may be a nickname.  I will refer you to our web page for an incomplete list of colleges in Atlanta but its the best I've got right now.  Click on Community at the top of this page then click on Schools.

Subject:  Names and Addresses

I am attempting to locate Retail/Wholesale Sporting Goods Merchandise locations in Atlanta GA.

I would appreciate your assistance - Thanks

Check the yellow pages.

Could you please send me a list of the dates, and times of the groups (singers,etc.) who will be performing in concerts during the month of February?
Thank you very much
Try the following link for concert listings.

>Is there a site that can tell you about the high schools in Atlanta and
not just colleges. Like how well the high school education is in Atlanta?(GPA)
> P.S., Thank you

For a complete listing of elementary, middle and high schools in the metro
Atlanta area, call the Atlanta Business Chronicle Circulation Department at (404) 249-1010, and ask for a copy of the Education Guide(March 12-18, 2004). The Guide includes test scores for all public schools, enrollment figures, number of teachers, and various charts and lists. The Education Guide costs $3.

Try this link  for more info on schools.

I am planning on moving to Atlanta this year.  I would like to know where the best places to live in the area of around $700-$800.  I would also like to know how much a Atlanta Sunday paper is and how can I have one sent to me. 

I live in Long Beach CA, so if you know where I can buy one here would be nice.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:  Did you want that $700-800 to cover rent, rent and utilities, or mortgage? Is a one bedroom apartment enough or what do you need? Regarding the paper you can call the Atlanta Journal/Constitution at 1-877-626-7988 to get more information or a subscription mailed to you or  get the Atlanta paper online including Classifieds. 

My church is planning a trip to the Atlanta area in July or August; we are
interested in information on black gospel speakers, attractions and events
scheduled during those months.
ANSWER:  I talked to the Concerned Black Clergy and they referred me to the radio station WAOK.  WAOK said that it was way too early for them to know what was going on in July or August but to call back closer to then and see.  Their number is 404-741-9265
Hope this helps.  Enjoy your visit.

> Need the dates for the Atlanta Gift show, location, and how to register.
Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Show at the Atlanta Mart 230 Spring St. Bldg 2   
For more info call 404-220-3000

I am looking for any publications that might announce solicitations for bids on construction in a 50 mile radius of Madison Ga. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: farmers market
about three years ago we visited atlanta (numerous times since also) but
on this trip we visited a LARGE farmers market but we do not remember where it was , it was huge they had everykind of food and vegies in the world .... we think it may be in the area Doraville....Stone Mtn...and we believe it is off of I-85 ?  can u help.  thanks

Answer:   The DeKalb Farmers Market at 3000 East Ponce de Leon Ave in Decatur is the largest I know of.  I think there are others around so this may not be the one you visited.  Its phone number is 404-377-6400.  It is inside I-285 near Stone Mt. Freeway. 

What does O.C.G.A. stands for? For Acronymns check
ANSWER:       Official Code of Georgia Annotated--Georgia law

  I will be flying out of Atlanta International airport on Dec. 26 and
will be returning on Jan. 24. I need to find a safe and inexpensive
place to leave my car for the 4 weeks. Can you please help.
Thank you, Carol

ANSWER: You can check out MARTA for directions to Brookhaven station at itsmarta.  It says long term parking is $3 / day  The customer service number is 404-848-4800. (Prices have gone up to $4 and $7--see their website for the most current info.

  What is the address to Phoenix Tower downtown Atlanta.

450 Capitol Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312-2802

  Hello - My husband and I will  be staying in Atlanta on December 15 & 16.  Could you please give me any entertainment information for those days.  We are very interested in Civil war info.   Any dinner theatres or plays?

  Sincerely,  Junnie
As far as civil war entertainment goes you can go to the cyclorama --phone number listed on our website (click Sights at the top of this page) or to Stone Mountain park--also listed under Sights --which has a museum of civil war artifacts. Hope you enjoy your visit.
 > Hi Peg,
> My husband and I are planning a trip to Georgia and would like more information on its sights and whereabouts. Can you send me any info about Georgia and where to stay and what to visit. Thank you

> Mary

Dear Mary, Not sure of your interests so its hard to put a finger on exactly what you would like, but with names like yours I should think you would enjoy seeing Oglethorpe University on Peachtree Road, north of the Brookhaven MARTA station=>that's toward I-285 coming from downtown on Peachtree Street. And as it is always interesting to follow Peachtree from the middle of town to the first perimeter road you might see the Cathedral of St. Phillip's right before you get to Buckhead on the left. Closer into town you will be going by the All Saints which is on West Peachtree, one block removed from Peachtree Street at North Avenue and while you are on this detour you can go one block further toward the GATECH campus and dine at the fine establishment on the right. Just be sure you know what you want before you step up to order else get in the Ladies and Children line for more help. 
Thanks for writing. Hope this helps. Not sure when you are planning to be here so you may have time to get more information from the Travels' Bureau. You will find a link to it on our site. 
Enjoy AtlantA in the Spring. IT ' SBEAUTIFUL.
Let me know how your trip goes and if I can be of any further assistance.

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